The Internet is changing the way we live and the way we do business. A revolution is taking place, and the need for lawyers who understand how Internet businesses work is increasing.

Our lawyers have been advising Internet businesses since the mid-1990s. Back then our clients were tech boffins developing cutting-edge technologies to open up the Internet. By 1998 the sector was booming, and we were doing our first deal with a company that was using voice over IP technologies to open up the telecommunications market. We knew that a revolution was taking place.

Ten years on and the Internet, Internet businesses and the people they market to have each matured. The Internet is part of our daily lives and consumers use it to buy goods, book holidays and manage their lives – globally. It is no surprise that many of our clients are involved in e-commerce of some kind. They are exploring new distribution channels and developing exciting online communities.

Our understanding of Internet businesses sets us apart from many firms. Having been involved with more than 20 Internet businesses over more than 10 years we know the issues. We act for business owners, advising on a range of commercial issues, and for both founders and investors when it comes time to sell or raise further capital.

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